Below are four of my collections from 1990 onwards. I suppose I made an effort at expressing myself through poetry when I began University in 1990, experiencing poetry through English Literature at Staffs University. I had written some form of poetry in the form of lyrics previously, but the first conventional poem came in the form of 'The Siege of Beacon Hill' and the title poem of the following collection. A collection noted as naturalistic, romantic and metaphysical at the time by critics. This collection was pretty much the cornerstone of all the poetry that came next. .

'Incident at Congleton' was an experiment at combining excuses for being late to work and 'text poems'. It seemed to work, I was never fired. In' Transformations' I began to look at images and words combined … the muse seemed to leave me of late, but the occasional work sneaks out now and again.

All my hard copy work can be found at www.lulu.com and  if you are a real glutton for punishment then hear them spoken at www.reverbnation.com.

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